RESTAURANT //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Williams Square Café   //



Las Colinas, TX / 7,500 SQ FT
Contemporary, casual dining, multi-stationed American eatery offering a variety of hot and cold cuisine for breakfast, lunch and take-out with java and pastries served in the adjacent Coffee House. Services provided included concept branding, interior design, custom graphics, way finding and kitchen design.

KGB (Kerry’s Gourmet Burgers)   //

Las Vegas, NV / 3,500 SQ FT
Gourmet burger and vodka bar created for celebrity chef Kerry Simon that has a cold-war Russian vibe with a twist. Remodel of existing casual Italian eatery ­— Services provided included concept branding, logo design, custom graphics and artwork, interior design, purchasing, project management and audio visual design.


Dallas, TX / 5,125 SQ FT
An upscale casual restaurant and bar with live entertainment on the porch that is rich in Texas tradition with a wildly contemporary side. Remodeled from what was previously a Bahama Breeze – exterior and interior design, custom artwork, purchasing and audio visual design services were provided.

3 STACKS   //

Frisco, TX / 6,500 SQ FT
Originally built as a nursery in 1980, we set apart the space from traditional BBQ joints and transformed 3 Stacks into a modern chic concept. Offering a selection of hot and cold BBQ for lunch, dinner, take-out and catering.

Services provided: Concept branding, custom graphics and artwork, purchasing, audio visual design, interior design, kitchen design, menu and food development, Graphics, civil engineering, structural engineering, exterior design and landscape, project management, construction management


Fort Worth, TX / 8,000 SQ FT
The Pour House has been a Fort Worth institution and local favorite for over a decade – in need of a renovation we transformed the bar into a fully-equipped seventy-five (75) tap pour house with a rustic modern touch.
Services provided: Bar renovation, purchasing, interior design, kitchen design, project management

Driftwood   //

Dallas, TX / 2,500 SQ FT
Casual yet elegant restaurant with fantastic outdoor patio space. Driftwood was designed to be a comfortable and relaxed environment for an enjoyable dining experience, with a focus on approachable pricing. The space is welcoming, warm and delightful.
Services provided: Purchasing, interior design, kitchen design, exterior design, project management and construction management

The Ranch   //

Irving, TX / 11,000 SQ FT

An upscale casual restaurant and bar with live entertainment on The Porch that is rich in Texas tradition with a wildly contemporary side. Remodeled from what was previously a Bahama Breeze– exterior and interior design, custom artwork, purchasing and audio visual design services were provided.


Howard Wang’s Uptown   //

Dallas, TX / 3,500 sqft
Modern Asian eatery offering stylish dining, outdoor lounging with indoor / outdoor bar service and outstanding cuisine using only fresh ingredients. Custom exterior storefront design, interior design, custom architectural elements, kitchen design and project management services were provided.
HOSPITALITY //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Stonebriar Sheraton   //



Frisco, TX /
Interior design development and construction documents- all public spaces for a new 181 room hotel including lobby, restaurant bar, private club lounge, and fitness area.

* Services provided by our team member(s) prior to joining Vision 360.

Barton Creek Resort and Spa   //

Austin, TX /
Interior design development and construction documents- interior renovation a four star, 2 restaurant, 2 bar, 303 resort hotel, spa, and golf course set in 4000 acres of Texas Hill country.

* Services provided by our team member(s) prior to joining Vision 360.

Burj Al Arab Tower   //

Dubai, UAE /
Project management- interior architecture for a world renown 6 star, 312 suite hotel with royal dining hall, sky view bar, 8 additional restaurants, and health club/spa.

* Services provided by our team member(s) prior to joining Vision 360.

Grand Tiara Wedding Place   //

Ichinomiya /
Interior Design Development and Construction Documents- a new full service 12,000 square feet wedding palace including bridal shop, floral shop, gift shop, 2 dressing rooms, 2 bridal lounges, a family lounge, banquette hall, and full service kitchen.

* Services provided by our team member(s) prior to joining Vision 360.

BRANDING /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Bishop Arts Plaza & Lofts   //


Burgerworks   //


3 STACKS   //


Horne & Dekker   //

RENDERINGS //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Conceptual   //


Lizard Lounge   //


Adidas Sports Shop   //



Green Kitchen Solutions ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Green Kitchen Solutions   //

Our company, GK Solutions, LLC, is all about Green Kitchen Solutions. With more than 95 years of foodservice experience, the team at GK Solutions, LLC is committed to making a difference in two key areas – our environment, especially water quality, and our customer’s profitability. We are members of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), including the local North Texas Chapter of the USGBC.

We believe clean air and clean water are essential to healthy living. There are tremendous pressures on our limited water supply and we must all do our part to secure water’s long-term quality & availability. We know what it’s like working in restaurants with grease laden air, grease on the floor, and the consequences of grease going down the drains.

In the foodservice industry, with more than 1,200,000 restaurants and foodservice operations, unbelievable amounts of fats, oils, and greases (FOG) are mixed with water and simply “flushed” down the drain!

PHOTOGRAPHY ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Food Photography   //


Architecture Photography   //

Red rock Pool
FOOD & MENU DEVELOPMENT /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Full Service   //



(New Construction, Kitchen, Conversions, & Remodels)
We will design all aspects of your kitchen and foodservice operation for your location.

1) Concept Design
2) Branding and Trade Dress
3) Facility and Kitchen Design (New, Conversions &     Remodels)
4) Architectural Design Consultation and Services
5) Construction Services
6) Specialized Equipment Sales and Specification
7) Building Code Compliance
8) Health Department Compliance
9) Certificate of Occupancy

Start Up   //


1) Menu Development
2) Recipe Development and pricing analysis
3) Recipe and Procedures Guide
4) Equipment Installation Guidance
5) Supply Chain Setup and Support
6) Initial Food Order Inventory and Management Support

Training   //


1) Management Staffing
2) Operations Training
3) Opening Services (Get ready to Open, Open, and Post     Operations Support)
4) Guest Experience Management
5) Management Training
6) TRAIN-the-TRAINER Workshop

Marketing   //


1) Concept and foodservice marketing.
a. Build Awareness
b. Promote Trial
c. Increase Frequency/Loyalty
d. Implement Sales Drivers
e. Leverage the Internet

3) Local Promotions

Execution   //


Consistent measurement of performance is critical to identifying issues before operations and customer service is
affected. We work with our clients to develop time-based execution plans. We take our support role very seriously.

Below is an outline of our Implementation Model:
1) Get ready
2) Launch
3) Ensure execution

CASE STUDIES ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Fish City Grill   //

Fish City Grill is a casual seafood restaurant that strives for a local, neighborhood following. Word of mouth has spread, so you can expect a wait, even on weeknights. Reservations aren’t accepted, but a large, handsome bar helps soothe the wait. The main reason for the success is the food, which is always fresh and satisfying. Signature items include the Thai Chile Oysters, Oyster Nachos and Tabasco Shrimp Pasta, and don’t forget about the dessert – homemade bread pudding topped with whiskey sauce. The other reason is the atmosphere – contemporary but with a bit of irreverence. In the rear, cooks can be seen busily plating up food in an open kitchen


Fish City Grill currently has four locations in the Dallas Metroplex area including Plano, Flower Mound, Dallas and Grapevine that range from 2,500 square feet to 3,500 square feet and just signed a lease for their newest location in Southlake.


Fish City Grill currently has four locations in the Dallas Metroplex area including Plano, Flower Mound, Dallas and Grapevine that range from 2,500 square feet to 3,500 square feet and has just signed a lease for their newest location in Southlake.


Vision 360 presented Fish City Grill with a design concept that was representative of a fun, fast casual restaurant but still kept the elements that made it a regular neighborhood hangout such as the bar. Fish City Grill draws from several different demographics based upon the location – mostly upper middle-class families mixed in with a strong business lunch crowd and some college students. As the neighborhoods grew around them they realized that they needed to keep up with the growing number of families that dined out on a regular basis. We proposed a brighter color palate of mustard, blue, purples and reds, lighter wood tones, color blocking, custom décor and laminates for the space, replacing the green, burgundy and walnut palate that currently existed kept the bar area warm and inviting for singles and regulars. For the existing spaces we implemented the new color palate through paint, added lighting and replaced the vinyl on the backs of the booths with new fabric that matched that matched our custom laminate rather than replace them.

“The most important thing to our client was to refine and bring more continuity between their existing spaces. People must be able to brand identify FISH CITY GRILL at any location – it’s our job to accomplish that objective through design and specification.”

Cafe At Williams Square   //

Walking into any DFW high-rise you see the typical first floor operation – Mom and Pop deli/store selling anything from cold sandwiches to an array of sundries. Most tenants know when they purchase food from one of these locations they should not expect great cuisine. But when the tenants from the Towers at Williams Square complex choose to get a quick lunch they can expect a grilled tuna pesto sandwich with rosemary potatoes or pasta to rival any good Italian restaurant. It is obvious when they walk into the Café at Williams Square there is something special here – and to think that the entire project was born largely by accident.


Williams Square is a 7500 square foot fast casual restaurant located in the heart of the prestigious Las Colinas business district in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area.


When Helen Moise, Senior Property Director for Cousins Properties, at Williams Square saw an opportunity to upgrade their tenant amenities she decided to pursue it from a culinary standpoint. With upgrades to the existing complex, such as a state of the art fitness facility, she wanted to be able to offer their existing and future tenants a fast casual lunch and “Starbucks” café experience.

“When we looked at the demographics of the surrounding area, we realized there was not a convenient Starbucks location within five miles of the building”, Moise says. “There was also a lack of fast casual and quick service restaurants for our tenants to choose from. We noticed that our tenants were spending at least 15 to 20 minutes getting in and out of the office parking garages” Moise continues,” that left only 20 minutes to pick up lunch and get back to their desks.”


That is when the idea was conceived – to provide something more for their tenants besides “sundries”.

“We had worked with plenty of interior architects who were experts in commercial office design, but we wanted to pursue a firm that specialized in this type of restaurant design and development. We decided to bring in Vision 360 to work with us on the project, based on their 75 plus years of combined experience in the restaurant industry.

“When Helen approached us for this project, we were extremely excited due to the fact that we are seeing this as an immerging trend for high end building complexes” said Brad Belletto, President of Vision 360.

The restaurant needed to have an interior that enhanced the brand and was inviting to customers. Vision 360 approached the project from a fast casual standpoint. The space should incorporate the best of full service restaurant design but the convenience and speed of a quick service concept. “Today’s concepts reflect a type of lifestyle that a particular person or group strives for”, says Ernesto Miranda, Senior Project Designer for Vision 360. “It was that idea that we wanted to incorporate into this project – image, lifestyle, brand and design.”

The new dining ambiance is similar to that of a high-end restaurant. Rustic tabletops are surrounded by dark walnut wooden chairs, and customers can peer through the birch trees into the restaurant or out onto the square. Others can sit on chocolate leather cushioned sofas facing the Mustang courtyard while sipping cappuccino. Modern iron pendants and sconces pour warm light onto artwork, ebony wood veneer panels and menu boards. A large abstract sun “shines” down on patrons with bold Starbucks graphics welcoming morning commuters for a short break before their workday begins.

“It was important to choose colors, finishes and images that reinforce the brand and experience of the Café’s target audience. We wanted the design to compliment the food as well as convey a sense of warmth and freshness,” said Michelle Bushey, Partner and Design Director for Vision 360.

“The design is not just about the environment it’s about offering a brand that is cohesive – from the interiors to the graphics, everything – including the food.”

Rocket Oil   //

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