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Andy Revella

Andre (Andy) Revella has been working in the foodservice industry over 40 years. Prior to his European culinary education, Andy worked in restaurants all through high school in New York City. From a chef’s assistant to short order cook and more, Andy Revella has virtually lived in kitchens his whole life. After owning several independent restaurants himself as a young entrepreneur, Revella thought the “big company” experience would be good for his career and thus joined Bennigan’s as an assistant manager. Within six months, he was promoted to be in charge of the entire state of California and challenged with turning around a flattening brand. After accomplishing that task, and receiving one of the only four creative excellence awards in Pillsbury’s 60 year history, he was promoted lead Bennigan’s and given further responsibility to oversee its sister concept Steak and Ale along with the $380,000,000 purchasing department. Along with five partners, he bought the company from Pillsbury, had record profit growth, and eventually sold the concepts to Metromedia Companies. After thoughtful consideration he moved on to an exciting career within the Casino Industry. Here his accomplishments include leading the culinary creative team in creating the first Rain Forest Café to becoming Senior Vice President, Food and Beverage, at Harrah’s Worldwide. During this period in his career, Andy was recognized for his leadership in establishing the American Beverage Institute through serving as the Institutes first President. After receiving the highest honor in the Harrah Company, Andy elected not to move his family to Las Vegas where the new headquarters were to be relocated. Never losing his entrepreneurial spirit, he founded Lifestyle Ventures, a food service business development company that was the operating partner of B.B.Kings Cafes…the creator, partner and operator of Isaac Hayes’ Music, Food, Passion… and the developer of Java Blues, a funky, musical coffee shop…and a dozen other restaurant concepts. Through the years Andy has consulted with world class companies like Gaylord Entertainment, Sara Lee, Cirque de Soleil, Coca-Cola, and Choice Hotels International. From there Revella has moved on to become a leader in the Green movement in the restaurant industry creating the Greenest cooking platform in America. Building entire concepts around leading edge technologies, Revella is a leader in using this technology to transform the way recipes are developed and prepared in these Green kitchens. The result you ask? Experience shows improved health and safety, improved economics, and great tasting, better- for- you food. Today, Andy Revella has put together a state of the art development and education center in Dallas, Texas. Andy’s energy is un-mistakable as is his passion for creating profitable growth for every concept or product he works on.